Persons with Disabilities in the Workplace Vector Icons

This started when I was looking for vector icons to use in a flyer for an event at my college. I use a cane to get around campus and this was a professional event so it was important for me to have someone with some form of mobility disability on this flyer. I went to the usual places to get a vector icons, freepik & adobe stock and the results were lackluster.

  • Adobe Stock: 117 results for disabled businessperson in images
  • Freepik: 75 result for disabled business person in images with the vector filter enabled
  • Freepik: 135 result for disabled business people in images with the vector filter enabled

The Vector Set

So after seeing the lack of regular business operation vector images that included people with disabilities I decided to make my own set as part of a final project for a Graphic & Visual Design class.


I am in no way an expert in accessibility! But I wanted to create a vector set that represented people with disabilities in a modern work environment, and this isn't a exhaustive representation. I want to definitely add more to represent more types of disability.

Alt-text Examples

Row 1 Left to Right:

  • A vision impaired man with an afro walks with his service dog while he explains something to a woman walking next to him;
  • A man in a thinking pose in front of a design planning board with the designer, a woman who uses arm crutches;
  • A woman using a wheelchair presents a graph to a man standing opposite her.
  • A Company party with three groups; group 1 has two women and a man with an amputated arm, all sharing a beverage, group 2 has a woman, a man, and a woman using crutches standing around a table share drinks and cake, group 3 has a woman using a wheelchair, a vision impaired man, and a tan woman sharing a drink.

Row 2 Left to Right:

  • A woman using a wheelchair with laptop in front of her speaking with a woman with laptop in front of her and vision impaired man.
  • Two women stand next to a man working at his computer.
  • A group of one man and three women, one of which uses a wheelchair, meet around a table, as the woman in the wheelchair presents a chart.

Row 3 Left to Right:

  • A woman using arm crutches writes on a design board while her coworker types on a computer opposite her.
  • A woman and vision impaired man sit in bean bags while collaborating on their laptops.
  • A man with an amputated arm working at his computer; a woman sitting on the ground working on her laptop; A woman using arm crutches walks while she talks to another woman; a vision impaired man sit in bean bag working on his laptop.

The Full Vector Set

You are welcome to use these for non-commercial purposes! If you want to use them for commercial purposes please contact me at