The Transparency Project

The Transparency Project

Problem Space

There is not a large database of national information around police precincts, number of complaints against officers, or transfer rates. The accountability for officers that transfer to avoid consequences is very low and this website would strive to highlight officers with high transfer and high complaint rates and arm local citizens with contact information to the governing bodies in their area that can have an impact on that precinct.

User Requirements

  • Reliable information/database
  • Easily usable and navigable
  • Ability to investigate high transfer departments
  • Ability to investigate precincts with high complaints
  • Access to relevant contact information

User Personas

  1. Anna, 29 | Local Activist | Atlanta, GA
    Key Concerns: Investing  local precincts and officers  in  order to take direct action in her community
  2. Jasmine,  34 | National Reporter | New  York, NY
    Key Concerns: Investing national issues and patterns in police misconduct
  3. OZ, 59 | Concerned Citizen | Clemson,  SC
    Key Concerns: Become a more informed citizen regarding police behavior in his area